Creatures of the Night Part 8: "To Roost"

This is part of a continuing series of paintings in my sketchbook. It was meant to be a daily painting project throughout the month of October, but since I got sidetracked on another project, I'll keep on anyway. 

This week on my drawing board

Getting ready for Halloween, though I somehow never get my decorations up in time. In MATS class we're doing dining plates based on traditional Uzbeki Suzani motifs. A bit of a challenge for me.

Mysterioso No. 2

The Birdsong family car trip

Sketches for decorative dinnerware. We'll see what happens!

Charles Addams

Hoping you have a Happy Halloween! Seems like a perfect time for a bit of the Chas.

Charles Addams New Yorker, July 8, 1961.

Charles Addams New Yorker, august 1, 1953

Charles Addams New Yorker, Oct. 31, 1983

Monster Rally by Charles Addams, 1950. Featuring the Addams Family.

Drawn and Quartered 1946. This is the Bantam Book pocket edition of a popular Addams title. Foreward by Boris Karloff. via