This week on my drawing board

I spent a lot of time preparing my prints for the opening of Treehaus, a new boutique that opened last Saturday in Atwater Village, Los Angeles. This is really what I did over the last two weeks between meetings and framing and other such runnings around. 

I took a little time to get a shot or two of some pieces framed.

Little towhead

The third in my fruit pie series. One more to go!

Snoballs. One of several new prints I'm making to replenish my depleted Etsy inventory.

Doris's hat. A riff on a hat i saw in an old film, and vintage TWA travel posters.

Last Saturday at the laundromat.

This week on my drawing board

Miss Eve Hawkins & Tubby. Limited edition print available for a limited time on Etsy.

Arya & The Hound

The snowball effect

The process

It's Rolf.

I've been pretty busy this week getting ready for the August opening of Treehaus LA, where Saralynne Precht and Michelle Pedersen will be carrying my framed limited edition giclee prints, along with many wonderful quirky items from local artists and artisans. 

This week on my drawing board

I lived in New York City for nearly 10 years, first working as an art director on the now-defunct Ladies Home Journal, and then as a freelance illustrator. I adored the freelance life! Especially wandering the streets while everyone else was working. Footlight Records was a wonderful place in Greenwich Village, a record shop specializing in vintage vinyl โ€” broadway shows, classic jazz, vocals. Nearby I could buy a slice of white pizza. Around the corner, the Strand Book Store.

Footlight Records, Greenwich Village NYC c 1990s. 11x17 Gouache on wood panel.

And here is the sketchbook painting I did for this, a mini-version of the larger painting.