Raleigh bikes

And now for some vintage bikes. Raleigh is one of the oldest bicycle companies in the world, very British, established in 1887 in Raleigh Street, Nottingham. On the short list of bicycles I still want to own are their Twenty folder and the Lady Sport, both of which are thought to be very solid choices for a vintage bike purchase.  If you watch "Downton Abbey" or "Call the Midwife", chances are you've seen a character riding a Raleigh. Here are a few nice ones. They can still be found on eBay and other second-hand markets.

Vintage Raleigh bicycle poster, date unknown

Vintage Raleigh bicycle poster, date unknown

Raleigh Superbe

Raleigh Superbe

1972 Raleigh Ladies' Sport via flickr

"My new/old Raleigh mixte. It was a custom build based on a few bikes I had seen (and swooned over). Ace to ride, and really fast and light. Best thing I own. :) " —LaurenRoseUK on flicker

Ad for the Raleigh Twenty, the small-wheeled folder

Raleigh Twenty folder

Raleigh RSW, the shopper bike introduced to compete with the Moulton in the 60s The wheels are 16" via

A beautifully restored Raleigh sport  via

1936 Raleigh Ladies' Roadster via

1936 Gentleman's Roadster  via

1936 Gentleman's Roadster via

My Tomos "Mini" folding bicycle

At the onset of my bicycle fever a couple of years ago, I quickly found this 1979 Yogoslavian folder on an antiques website and snapped it up. It has one speed only but is great fun to ride, enabling me to feel like a kid again while zipping around the neighborhood. Here it is, kitted out with the vintage box bag from Cycle Chic, and the original basket from my Pashley. I think it's just about the cutest thing ever.

The Vintage Box bag, by "The Bicycle Muse" comes in 3 colors and is available from the U.K. for £44.99.