Soup Run

Daisy packs up the kid and the dog and hops in the car to get some extra-delicious soup from Ida's. It's just down the lane. I started with a painting in my sketchbook, & added a storefront and, of course, a bear! This illustration is now available in my Etsy shop in 2 different sizes, 8 x 10" and 11 x 14".

Tin toy service stations

I've always been attracted to these beautifully lithographed toys when I see them at flea markets. The Schucos from the 50s and 60s particular are pretty amazing! The varianto system was like a train set with cars. Check out the video of it in action.

Schuco Variante 3054 Service Station. These post-war German stations from Schuco were part of a whole system that included appropriately scaled cars and trucks.

Schuco Varianto 3055 Elektro Service Station. West German, 1960s via

Play time service station

Marx Nite & Day Service Station via ebay

Marx Roadside Rest service Station

Keystone Service Center

Hoch & Beckmann, Shell gas station, W.-Germany, tin, functions ok, with gas pump & car lift via

Marx service center with sky-view parking

Arnold, big gas station Esso, W.-Germany, tin