Tuesday night scramble

I love eggs, and I love eggs for dinner. It's quick, it's easy, and you can use whatever you have available to change it up. I make this one a lot. It starts with fresh eggs from my chickens. I use one large (from Hedy, Zelda or Pickles), one small (from Hazel or Ezmarelda) and some packaged egg whites to keep the calories down. Beat them together well with a fork or whisk in a bowl and set aside.  Sauté a small handful of red onions in olive oil spray on high until softened, then add sliced shiitake mushrooms, thin-sliced zucchini, and slivered collard greens in that order. This time I also added a slice of seitan bacon from Upton's Naturals. When everything is browned, lower the heat, pour in the beaten eggs and scramble it all together. For fun, I added a serving of Trader Joe's frozen Garlic Potatoes in Parmesan Sauce, which I cooked in the same skillet. So good.

Scrambled fresh eggs with collard greens, seitan bacon and shiitake mushrooms and a side of garlic parmesan potatoes.

A blue egg from one of my Cream Legbars, Hedy.

Here are Hedy, Pickles, Zelda, and Horatio bringing up the rear.