Jack and Jill Magazine

Jack and Jill Magazine has been continually in publication since 1938. Here are some beautiful covers from the mid to late fifties, most available on ebay.

June 1956, cover by Wilbur Wickham

August 1959, Wilbur Wickham via ebay

April 1958 via ebay

September 1958 via ebay

September 1957, Space policeman by Lou Segal via ebay

Fortune magazine covers

Here's a nice flickr set by Unkee E. on flickr. Lots more at the link!

January 1958 Alan Fletcher

June 1957 Cover by Lio Lionni & Howard Low

November 1948 Hans Moller

May 1948 Cover by George Giusti

June, 1952 Cover by Walter Allner

This one from April 1953 by S. Neil Fujita is from the flickr stream of Leif Peng


Men & women in uniform

Happy Memorial Day weekend! I'll be trying to figure out how to have a great grill-out using only fruits and veggies and hanging out in the garden. I give you a few magazine covers celebrating the armed forces as well as a couple of films I'll be watching this weekend.

The New Yorker August 1943. Cover by Constantin Alajalov 

A 4th of July 1943 cover by Constantin Alajalov that is also perfect for Memorial Day

The New Yorker Feb 1943 | Cover by Constantin Alajalov

Lilliput Magazine cover by Walter Trier, July 1942

A lot of of war movies playing this weekend on tv, and there are many excellent ones. I have a personal affinity to World War II films. "From Here to Eternity is one of the best.

This has to be my favorite World War II film. William Wyler's beautiful 1946 drama of soldiers returning home after the war to try and pick up their lives. Playing tonight at 10:30pm EST or 7:30 PST on Turner Classic Movies' Memorial Day Marathon.  Don't miss it!