Kitchens in miniature

Here are some really nice tin litho kitchen toys from the 50s and thereabouts. They look great hung on a wall or on a shelf next to your fabulous book collection. There are some awesome sets available on eBay and Etsy. I just broke down and bought the first one below. Sorry! Can't resist an orange kitchen.

70s Vintage Western Germany Toy Tin Kitchen Bauknecht made by Schopper via Etsy

1950s tin plate stove via Etsy

Battery-operated tin kitchen. This one is a little beaten up, but when you turn the tap on, water flows and the gas burner "fires" up. via ebay

Joustra tin litho kitchen with loads of accessories via flickr

Another from the collection of Niralna on flickr

Fuch's Dutch miniature kitchen via eBay

Fuchs tin kitchen via 

German Tin Stove Fuchs via Etsy

Japanese tin scooters of the 50s

I don't own one of these though I always wanted to. They tend to be on the pricey side... Not ony do I love scooters, but the lithography on these is especially beautiful. I love the outfits on the figures! To see more, visit

Technofix Scooter. German, 1956

Juno scooter 1950. Yonoana. 

Friction operated Baby scooter, Marusan Japan 1950. Girl sitting on the back, boy is driving. Size: 5.2 inch (13,4 cm). Via

A few of my tin toys

At various times in my life, I've become obsessed with collecting these gems from the early 20th century. Not only do they have wonderful and colorful lithography, but their actions can be quite clever.

Billy the ball-blowing magic whale wind-up. Watch in amazement as he scoots along while levitating the styrofoam ball over his blowhole. 

Krazy Kat, Felix's twin.

These cloth covered Schuco scotties were made in Germany.