The beautiful world of Ilonka Karasz

It's 9:30 a.m. and I should be showered, dressed, and walking my dogs. But, no. I must see just one more New Yorker cover illustrated by Ilonka Karasz. I'm searching. Obsessively. Loving each image better than the previous. Ilonka Karasz was something of a wonder, really. Born in Budapest, she came here after studying at the Royal Academy of Arts and Crafts in Budapest,  and began illustrating New Yorker covers in the 1920s, while still in her twenties herself, and would eventually illustrate 186 covers between then and the seventies. She also designed many books and book jackets, pottery, tiles, wallpaper, toys, lamps, fabrics, rugs, silverware, china and furniture. She passed away in 1981, but left so much for us to enjoy. Look closely, there's much happening in these worlds.

Burmese Days by George Orwell 1932 (1962 reprint) via flickr

My copy of The Château by William Maxwell 1962, jacket by Ilonka Karasz

The New Yorker July 19, 1949 | Ilonka Karasz via THE NEW YORKER

The New Yorker June 1953 | Ilonka Karasz via THE JUMPING FROG

The New Yorker December 1953 | Ilonka Karasz via THE JUMPING FROG

April 22, 1950 New Yorker by Ilonka Karasz via THE JUMPING FROG

The New Yorker Feb 5, 1949 | Ilonka Karasz via

The New Yorker May 22, 1971 | Ilonka Karasz via THE JUMPING FROG

The New Yorker September 1960 | Ilonka Karasz via THE JUMPING FROG

Poison Ivy | The New Yorker June 1955 | Ilonka Karasz

The Twelve Days of Christmas via We too were children, Mr. Barrie

Young Ilonka