Forgotten Modern: California Houses 1940-1970

My brother Robbie gave me this book one fine Christmas a few years ago. When I opened it and gazed at what was inside, my heart quickened. What I found was image after image of dramatic but warm mid-century modern houses built by such less-remembered architects as Edward Fickett (who designed my neighborhood), Jack Hillmer and William Krisel. Here's a look . 

Edward Fickett, 1966, George & Marion Jacobson house #2 from Forgotten Modern photo: Alan weintraub

Dr.  Poor House, Jack Hillmer, architect.

Owings House, Mark Mills & Nathaniel Owings, Architects 1957

Dr. Williams House, Paul R. Williams, Architect. 1946

Bubeck House, Allyn E. Morris architect, 1956 

Apparently this book is now out of print, but I'm sure it will turn up at a decent price on ebay or another bookseller such as ABE books.