Abstract Saturday: Roger Hilton

Roger Hilton (1911-1975) was a British abstract expressionist painter of German extraction. My favorites are his yellow, brown and black works.

May 1961

Untitled, 1956 Oil on Canvas 35.5 x 40.5 cms (13.95 x 15.92 in) via

Untitled by Roger Hilton

October 1955 by Roger Hilton was sold for £103,250 at Sotheby’s. Image: © Estate of Roger Hilton. All rights reserved, DACS 2010

Roger Hilton March 1960 via tate.org

January 1957

Roger Hilton Foliage with Orange Caterpillar 1974 via tate.org

January 1962

Grey Day by the Sea, February 1960 1960 Roger Hilton 1911-1975 Purchased 1960 via tate.org

March, 1955 via bbc.co.uk 

Roger Hilton | Composition II 1951 via bbc.co.uk Oil on canvas, 76.5 x 50.9 cm Collection: Southampton City Art Gallery

Untitled by Roger Hilton 1956 Oil on canvas, 55.5 x 76 cm Collection: Leicester Arts and Museums Service

Palisade, August 1959 via bbd.co.uk Oil on canvas, 152.4 x 137.5 cm Collection: National Galleries of Scotland