Abstract Saturday: Yvonne Audette

Born in 1930, Audette has been called Australia's greatest living abstract expressionist. Laboring in relative obscurity throughout the later 20th century, she finally gained the attention she deserved after a major book on her work was published in 2003: Yvonne Audette Paintings and Drawings 1949-2014 by Christopher Heathcote. Her early influence was Cezanne through her teacher John Passmore.

Il miracolo 1957-1958, oil on (composition board) (159.6 x 127.0 cm) via

Summer Morning

Yvonne Audette  Stormy Waters 1971-72 oil on composition board 86 x 101.5 cm

YVONNE AUDETTE Opera Numero Uno, 1967

Portrait by David Moore 1968 via The National Portrait Gallery

YVONNE AUDETTE Construction Site 1979 - 1980 Oil on composition board 86 x 102 cm via mossgreen gallery