Saul Steinberg

The witty and wry cartoonist Steinberg was born in Romania, 1914. He studied architecture and also began his career as a cartoonist in Milan until the rise of fascism. After being interned by Mussolini for 6 weeks, he immigrated to the United States via Santo Domingo. His covers and drawings would appear in the New Yorker for six decades.

Photo by Inge Morath: Saul Steinberg Masks (c. 1960)

Robert Lewis Taylor. Adrift in a Boneyard. 1947. First edition.

Steinberg's first published New Yorker cover. After immigrating to the United States, he enlisted in the army and was sent to China as an intelligence officer. via  The New Yorker



Henri Cartier-Bresson Saul Steinberg, Vermont (1947)