Abstract Saturday: Cecil Skotnes

South African (1926 - 2009) He was best known for his woodcuts. Though he began as a painter, he was drawn to woodcutting and made his mark in that medium, later creating the woodcuts as the work itself by painting directly on the carved panel, rather than merely using them to create prints.

Untitled 1981

Couple   - c1965  |  Carved, incised and painted wood panel

Couple - c1965 | Carved, incised and painted wood panel

The Progression (1971)

Cecil Skotnes

Cecil Skotnes | Head | Carved, incised and painted wood panel | 105 x 85 cm
Sold - 2014 via Johans Borman Fine Art

Cecil Skotnes | Untitled | 1999 | Incised Painted Wood Panel | 63.5 x 83.5 cm via SMAC GALLERY

Monkey's Wedding by Jeni Couzyn, 1971 | Cover by Cecil Skotnes