Aleksandr Rodchenko (Russian, 1891-1946)

Some cool Constructivist book cover designs from the late 1920s and early 30s from the Museum of Modern Art.

Aleksandr Rodchenko, L'Art Décoratif et Industriel de L' U.R.S.S 1925

Aleksandr Rodchenko. New LEF: Journal of the Left Front of the Arts), no. 12, 1928

 Aleksandr Rodchenko No. S. (Novye stikhi) 1928

Aleksandr Rodchenko, Novyi LEF. Zhurnal levogo fronta iskusstv (New LEF: Journal of the Left Front of the Arts), no. 6, 1928

Edward Ardizzone (1900-1979)

"It might be truly said that the born illustrator is not very interested in life as it is. He likes to create his own version of the world around him. Actuality is not pointed enough for him." Edward Ardizzone in a talk "The Born Illustrator" delivered to the Double Crown Club at one of their dinners in 1957. (Read the complete text here). Ardizzone, who illustrated and wrote so many wonderful books, was considered by many to be the father of the modern children's picture book. Here are some of my favorites of his work.

The Witch Family written by Eleanor Estes 1960

The Otterbury Incident 1963 reprint via

The Strand Magazine - October 1947 - cover by Edward Ardizzone. Via flickr

The Little Grey Men by "BB" (Denys Watkins-Pitchford). First published by Eyre & Spottiswood, 1942. Puffin edition 1962, this reprint 1975 (ii). Cover illustration by Edward Ardizzone. via

The Long Sunday by Peter Fletcher

Little Tim and the Brave Sea Captain by Edward Ardizzone, copyright 1936, first in a series of 'Little Tim' books. This is the 1968 edition by Scholastic Book Services. via 

Vintage children's books from Etsy

I continue to be entranced by vintage books. Sometimes I marvel at the prospect that one day, there will be no more physical books produced. Wouldn't that be awful? I found these on MuddyRiverAntiques on Etsy.

1955 The First Book of Automobiles available here for a mere 7 bucks.

The Curious little Kitten By Bernadine Cook. Illustrated by Remy Charlip 1970. $3 here.

Vintage Grace Llivingston Hill book Rainbow Cottage. Book has its original dust jacket. Book was published in 1934. Available right here for $8.

Angus and the Cat by Marjorie Flack 1970 . Available for $6 here.

Good Times Together 1940. Available here for $6

5 by William Maxwell

Time Will Darken It by William Maxwell 1948

The Chateau | Jacket by Ilonka Karasz 1961

The Old Man at the Railroad Crossing and Other Tales by William MAXWELL, New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1966. First edition via benchilada on flickr

They Came Like Swallows William Maxwell 1937

The Folded Leaf 1945