Edward Ardizzone (1900-1979)

"It might be truly said that the born illustrator is not very interested in life as it is. He likes to create his own version of the world around him. Actuality is not pointed enough for him." Edward Ardizzone in a talk "The Born Illustrator" delivered to the Double Crown Club at one of their dinners in 1957. (Read the complete text here). Ardizzone, who illustrated and wrote so many wonderful books, was considered by many to be the father of the modern children's picture book. Here are some of my favorites of his work.

The Witch Family written by Eleanor Estes 1960

The Otterbury Incident 1963 reprint via

The Strand Magazine - October 1947 - cover by Edward Ardizzone. Via flickr

The Little Grey Men by "BB" (Denys Watkins-Pitchford). First published by Eyre & Spottiswood, 1942. Puffin edition 1962, this reprint 1975 (ii). Cover illustration by Edward Ardizzone. via

The Long Sunday by Peter Fletcher

Little Tim and the Brave Sea Captain by Edward Ardizzone, copyright 1936, first in a series of 'Little Tim' books. This is the 1968 edition by Scholastic Book Services. via theartofchildrenspicturebooks.blogspot.com 

Highlights from a vintage poster auction

From a poster auction on Dreweatts/Bloomsbury Auctions that I missed earlier this year, around Valentine's Day. Some of the prices were quite reasonable. 

Hire a coach | Lincolnshire Road Car Co, Sold for £120

David Klein | FLY TWA, SAN FRANCISCO 1958

FRANCISCONE, Sergio (B.1912) MERANO 1937,

Abram Games,  LONDON TRANSPORT, conducted coach tours lithograph in colours, 1960

FAR EAST, fly there by BOAC

Roger Broders (1883 -1953) PASSY-MONT-BLANC 1932 Sold for £700

Tom Eckersley  (1914-1997) CONDUCTED TOURS Sold for £90

Abstract Saturday: Werner Drewes

A student of Paul Klee and Wassily Kandinsky, Drewes (1899-1985) was German born but relocated to New York in 1930. He was best known for his studies of forms in nature. Here are some of my favorites of his many woodcuts, along with a few paintings.

Clam Night, wood cut 1968

Dawn of Spring

Assisi (no. 206) wood cut, 1958

Aquatic Ballet, wood cut,  1979

At Play no. 3 (Fight) wood cut, 1973

The Blue Lake, wood cut, 1957

Bats 1944

Contrasting Harmony, Werner Drewes, Oil on vellum, via Richard Norton Gallery

Untitled (Abstraction), Werner Drewes, Oil on vellum, via Richard Norton Gallery

Acrobatics 1974 via 

Contrasting Harmony 1970