Winnie Fitch

I only just came across this illustrator the other day. She's been working hard in the industry for many years and is happily still at it! Her work is available on Imagekind. Here are some especially nice book covers and a catalogue cover from the 1950s. I love her line work in these book cover illustrations, and the catalogue gives us a taste of her quintessentially mid-century style of character illustration. She also created some whimsical advertisements while working in Chicago, New York and Boston. See more here.

University of Chicago Press | Illustrated by Winnie Fitch (with then-husband, Joe Phelan) 1953


Catalogue cover Marshall Fields | Illustrated by Winnie Fitch 1950

Children's Press Illustrated by Winnie Fitch 1952

You and Space Neighbors by John Lewellen 1953 via