This week on my drawing board

Griff, the wire-haired pointing griffon. 9x12 gouache on wood panel. The print will be in my etsy shop next week.

The old hostess fruit pie

I have a couple of vivid memories about fruit pies. My dad used to go to 7-11 where he would purchase one for each of us 5 kiddos and we would devour them feverishly. Except for my brother, Brian. He always got the lemon flavor. And he ate it soooooo S-L-O-W-L-Y. So much so that the rest of us had long since finished ours, and were drooling for more. That's when he would tease us by making sounds of ecstasy while he savored each bite, even dipping his finger into the pie and licking off the gelatinous fruity filling with great animation.

The second is the time I ran away from home, walking for over a mile in the dark. I got as far as the 7-11 at the corner by the highway, where I bought a cherry fruit pie and hid in the adjacent field to consume it. When it was gone, so was the glamour of my adventure and I turned tail and went home. This is an entry in my art journal. See more on my art journal blog, shoulda woulda coulda