Erik Nitsche

Erik Nitsche (September 7, 1908 - November 14, 1998) was a Swiss-born designer who, after moving to the United States at the age of 26, had a long and successful career as a graphic designer and art director. He's most famous for the work he did for General Dynamics, the engineering company, but also created many iconic record album and book covers. I love his abstract geometric images humanized by delicate color palettes. Enjoy!

General Dynamics Annual Report 1955 via

Poster for General Dynamics, Convair 880: world's fastest jetliner, 1959 via

Poster for General Dynamics, General Dynamics, liquid carbonic, medical gases, 1960

Poster for General Dynamics, Astrodynamics, Atoms for peace, 1955

Poster for General Dynamics (Triga around the world, General Atomic) 1960

Gebrauchsgraphic, April 1956

Fortune Magazine, 1954

J.S Bach, The Well-tempered clavier, Decca Records

Debussy, 12 Etudes for Decca Records

Decca Records via

Rachmaninoff for Decca Records via 

Segovia for Decca Records

Mozart for Decca Records

Schumann Dichterliebe for Decca Records

Schubert for Decca Records

Magazine illustration, Eyes of the fighting 9th

Book cover for Harvest Books via