Mid-century modern in San Francisco

Lagoon House is a 1962 A. Quincy Jones home on the San Francisco Bay. Restored by architect Craig Hudson with the help of interior designer Gary Hutton. See more at OneKindDesign.com.

The living room overlooks a lagoon in Belvedere.

I really like the kitchen remodel, which updates yet retains a sleek mid-century feel.

I'm crazy about this idea of the hallway tucked behind the living room fireplace. Matthew Millman Photography

Orla Kiely's London home

The textile designer proves that the mid-century modern sensibility that comes through in her creations runs deep. She nicely mixes modern touches with the Victorian bones of her terrace house. Via Dwell.com.

The sunken seating area with a Malm fireplace. Photos by Chris Tubbs.

Kiely and architect Maxim Laroussi designed the kitchen unit.

In the living room, salvaged ebony wood flooring and pops of citrus.

Vintage & collectible clocks

Vintage wood flower clock via 

A great estate sale find, this Smith Metal Arts "Radius One" desk clock, designed by William Sklaroff, is still made, but not in solid brass via

Newgate Bubble Wall clock. via West Elm

Rare Frederick Weinberg Shelf Clock 1950 via

vintage sterling & noble flip clock via flickr

Forgotten Modern: California Houses 1940-1970

My brother Robbie gave me this book one fine Christmas a few years ago. When I opened it and gazed at what was inside, my heart quickened. What I found was image after image of dramatic but warm mid-century modern houses built by such less-remembered architects as Edward Fickett (who designed my neighborhood), Jack Hillmer and William Krisel. Here's a look . 

Edward Fickett, 1966, George & Marion Jacobson house #2 from Forgotten Modern photo: Alan weintraub

Dr.  Poor House, Jack Hillmer, architect.

Owings House, Mark Mills & Nathaniel Owings, Architects 1957

Dr. Williams House, Paul R. Williams, Architect. 1946

Bubeck House, Allyn E. Morris architect, 1956 

Apparently this book is now out of print, but I'm sure it will turn up at a decent price on ebay or another bookseller such as ABE books.

MCM home in Perth, Australia

This unique modernist home was designed in 1969 by revered Bulgarian architect Iwan Iwanoff, who was responsible for a number of incredible homes in Perth at that time. These windows are what I want at the back of my MCM home. The home is owned by Mark and Christine Baxter. Read more here.

The Baxters have also chosen modern but warm danish modern pieces that match the strong design of the home. Warm woods, a splash of color, and an ART WALL!

Really gorgeous built-ins.